Stanford in Style: Spring has sprung

In Stanford in Style, Rebecca Smith ’25 dives into fashion on the Farm and what people’s clothes show about who they are.

We are so, so back. Spring quarter is finally upon us, Lake Lag is (sort of) full, and pretty soon it will be socially acceptable to be tipsy in a foam pit before noon. I look forward to Camp Stanford all year, the undeniable energy in the air and the (somewhat) carefree days it brings after long winters. 

My first PSET this quarter is almost due, and for it I have to tally the number of helmet vs. non-helmet wearers near Main Quad. While I’m sure this is statistically important, I’ve decided to add an additional experiment to my task: outfit watching.


Like any good researcher, I formulated a testable hypothesis: 

High prevalence of linen, sambas and florals (for spring? groundbreaking).


During the 10 minute interval during which I was jotting down if people on Jane Stanford Way were or were not wearing their bike helmets, I also took down some informal notes about people’s outfits and style on this sunny spring day. 


Reader, the results were certainly aligned with expectations. Adidas Sambas, Spezials and Gazelles currently rule footwear on this campus, and I found myself green with envy when someone biked by wearing the mint green on green Spezials I’ve been dreaming of for months.

As a staunch defender of Birkenstock Boston clogs, I was hoping that perhaps their moment was going to last a bit longer. Alas, the only ones to be found were the ones that I was wearing. 

Casual, relaxed, understated linen is definitely in, from button up tops, to tie front vests, to the classic pair of low-rise drawstring white linen pants that you can’t breathe for seeing on this campus. I personally believe that the return of linen to our wardrobes at Stanford is the true mark of spring’s return, academic calendar be damned. 

In terms of colorways, I saw a lot of muted pinks, oranges, greens and blues today, along with some great white staple pieces. We are witnessing campus emerge from the funky, chunky knits of winter into the pastels of spring. 

Textures also shined today, with many shirts favoring a fun textural pattern over a print. I saw hints of eyelets return, and playful textures elevating old staples. I am personally a huge advocate of this trend and its facilitation of building a long-lasting wardrobe with high-quality pieces that also express your personality. 


If you couldn’t tell by now, I love spring. Undoubtedly my favorite season, regardless of where I am — the way we embrace the change of seasons and promise of rejuvenation through our wardrobes is beautiful. I loved seeing everyone’s excitement radiate through their outfits, and I got some incredible inspiration for my own outfits in the coming future.

To frosh, you’ve probably heard it a million times already, but enjoy your very first trip to Camp Stanford. I for one am so excited for the next few weeks of skipped class, trips to the beach and a quintessential Stanford spring.