Stanford closes review into complaint on Jo Boaler

No formal investigation will be opened into mathematics education professor Jo Boaler, following an anonymous complaint filed with Stanford in March, wrote University spokesperson Dee Mostofi. The complaint accusing her of “reckless disregard for accuracy” in her research and work on the California Math Framework (CMF).

“When an allegation relating to research is received, one of the first steps is to determine if the matter is one properly resolved in scholarly debate rather than through a formal university process,” Mostofi wrote. “In this case, the University has reviewed the matter and has concluded that no formal process is needed, and that the allegations reflect scholarly disagreement and interpretation.”

The complaint came amid a wave of critiques about the way math is taught in middle and high schools across California. With an emphasis on equity-driven approach, Boaler advocated for data science as an alternative pathway to Algebra II in high school math education.

Her work has sparked disagreement about math education among professors in California universities and colleges, as well as high school teachers and concerned parents, with discussion centered around the newly revised CMF, which Boaler helped write.

“I’m glad the matter is closed,” Boaler wrote in an email to The Daily.