Slight increase in Stanford acceptance rate for class of 2027

Stanford undergraduate acceptance rate rose for the Class of 2027 to 3.91%, an increase from last year’s historic low of 3.68%, according to the University’s Common Data Set. 

Out of a pool of 53,733 applicants, down from last year’s pool of 56,378, 2,099 received offers of admission and 1,699 matriculated — a yield rate of 80.9%.

Compared to peer institutions, Harvard was the only university with a lower acceptance rate than Stanford. Similar to Stanford, the acceptance rate for the Class of 2027 increased, with 3.41% undergraduate applicants accepted, compared to 3.19% last year, according to reporting from The Harvard Crimson.

Stanford’s Class of 2027 is made up of 50.2% women and 49.8% men, a decrease from Class of 2026’s 54% female proportion. The University does not publicly report the proportion of the class that identifies as non-binary.

The Class of 2027 is made up of 28.84% of people who identify as Asian. Approximately 13.60% are listed as non-residents, students who are not U.S. citizens or nationals, regardless of their race or ethnicity. Similar to last year, the smallest categories continue to be American Indian or Alaska Native students with 0.77%, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander students with 0.29% and an unknown race or ethnicity group with 0.24%.